Tamerlane plans to extract one million tonnes from the R190 deposit utilizing conventional underground mining methods. Mining will be undertaken using longhole stoping complete with decline and drift access.

Access will be via a portal / decline. A ventilation raise will be installed at the opposite end of the deposit to allow flow-through ventilation during mining activities. Two levels will be developed for the extraction of the ore to allow top and bottom access of the ore body. A second decline will be driven near the main decline to tie in the top and bottom access locations.

The decline will have a 25 square meter cross-sectional area, and will decline down to the main haulage drift at 15% grade for 185 vertical meters (600’). The decline will be constructed utilizing the Sequential Excavation Method (SEM).  Decline construction will commence after a freeze perimeter has been established around the R190 orebody.

Portal / Decline Advantages

  • Reduced capital costs when compared to shaft sinking
  • Smaller infrastructure footprint results in reduced environmental effects
  • Allows for use of independent haulage vehicles, granting versatility in cycle time planning
  • Portal / decline access inhibits stored energy release / runaway equipment