Tamerlane’s Pine Point Project (PPP) will initially mine the R190 zinc-lead deposit and utilize an innovative combination of basic and technical mining methods. The project is located in the Northwest Territories on the south side of the Great Slave Lake, 42 km (26 miles) east of Hay River, 140 km (87 miles) west of Fort Resolution and 0.5 km north of Territorial Highway 5.

The Pine Point Project will be effectively and efficiently developed due to a large amount of existing infrastructure including:

  • Hydro power at property from Taltson Dam
  • Paved road access to property and Edmonton
  • Rail head at Hay River (42km)

Future Development

Mining the R190 deposit will pave the way for full-scale mining of the other known deposits. Tamerlane plans to pursue longer-term development in the Pine Point area utilizing the existing PPP infrastructure to access other deposits in the 175 km2 property. Additional potential mineable deposits are located on the West side of the Buffalo River in close proximity to the R190 deposit and project site.